Strava Multiple Ride Mapping Tool

Strava Multiple Ride Mapping Tool

This free tool allows you to display multiple Strava rides together on a single map.  You can map rides for a given user, or see all rides that pass through a given segment.  This allows you to see a map of everywhere you’ve ridden this year, or to see what routes other riders in your area are riding.

The sample images below show some of the ways the tool can be used to generate several different types of ride maps.

You can change the width and opacity of the lines on the map.  Setting a wide width and low opacity produces output like a heatmap, which shows which routes are ridden most often, as in this map of rides near the summit of Mt. Tam.

Heatmap of trails near Mt. Tam summit

Choosing a narrow width produces a more detailed view of the routes.

Mapping routes that pass through several different segments is a great way to get an overview of which routes are most commonly ridden in an area, such as this high-level view of common routes in Hong Kong.

Common riding routes on Hong Kong island

You can also select rides for a given rider — yourself or any other rider.  This is a great to get a map of all your rides for a year, or to check out routes that others in your area are riding, like this map of pro rider Tim Johnson’s rides in the Boston area this year.

Tim Johnson’s Boston rides in 2012

Here’s an amazing map from Bret Lobree, who has ridden every road in San Francisco (more details on his blog).

Bret Lobree’s San Francisco rides

When you’re selecting rides to display, note that displaying more than a couple hundred rides on a map can be fairly slow, particularly on older computers.  The rides load one at a time, so it can take several minutes to display a large group of rides.

This service is not affiliated with Strava.  It uses the Strava API to retrieve data from Strava and display it on a map.

Strava Multiple Ride Mapping Tool

Update July 4, 2013: Bad news & good news

Bad news: Strava shut down their Version 1 and Version 2 APIs in early July, taking my mapping tool (along with the rest of my Strava tools) offline.

Good news: Strava has a new (“V3″) version of their API.

Bad news: The V3 API is not yet publicly-available.

Good news: I got into Strava’s private beta program for the V3 API.

Bad news: I didn’t get access to the V3 beta until a couple days before they shut down the old APIs, so I have not yet had a chance to convert all my tools to work with the new API.

Good news: The multiple-ride mapping tool is now up and running again!

Bad news: Some parts of the mapping functionality (selecting by date range, and selecting rides passing through a given segment) are not supported by the new API, and so those functions are not yet available. I hope to be able to work around the date range issues pretty soon, but there’s not much I can do about the segment issue. Strava’s old APIs used to provide the ability to look up all rides passing through a given segment, but the new API doesn’t allow you to do this. IMHO this is a huge hole in their API, since segments lie at the core of their service. Hopefully they will fix this at some point so that you can again map based on segments, but for the time being I have no indication of whether or when they plan on doing this.[Update 7/5/13: Date range support is now available]

Good news: The new API does provide substantially more information in some areas, including (finally!) the ability to pull information for activities other than cycling (runs, swims, etc). This will (eventually) allow you to map specific types of activities (just map all your runs, for example), or map all your activities color-coded by activity type. I haven’t fully implemented this yet, but for now, you do have the ability to see all your activities on the map, regardless of the activity type. [Update 7/5/13: Mapping by activity type is now available! Use the "Activity Type" drop-down in the setup panel to choose the type of activity you'd like to see]

Update July 26, 2013: More bad news

Strava has changed their API (again!!) in a way that significantly reduces the amount of data that is available through the API. Accessing data through their API now requires you to authorize this application to see your Strava data, and even then you will only be able to see your own activities and those of people you follow. You won’t be able to see activities from other people through the API, even if those activities are publicly available on Strava (yes, this doesn’t make any sense).

I need to do some more work to get the mapping application to work with their new authentication system, which will probably take a few days. Until then, it will be offline. I’ll post a note here when it’s available again.

Update August 31, 2013: Back online!
I finally got the mapping tool working with Strava’s new authentication system, so it is up and running again. When you access the mapping tool, you will see an orange button that will take you to the Strava site to authorize the tool to access your Strava data. You only need to do this once.


Other Strava API tools you may be interested in:

Strava KOM Notification Service (allows you to follow any of the top-ten positions of a segment leaderboard, and receive email notifications of any changes)

Strava Segment Details (enhanced segment details screen, with KOM leaderboard history, full details on all rides for a segment, annual summaries, and more)

Strava Annual Summary  (provides detailed reports on all your ride data, broken down by year, bike, location, and more)

319 thoughts on “Strava Multiple Ride Mapping Tool

  1. Just came across this tool while I was following the ABB Fast South ride.

    I was meant to be on the ride – but 5 weeks ago my training came to a very sudden end crashing into a wall at 30mph! 5 days in hospital, and apparently another couple of months of physio before I’m back on the bike. So been following what I should have been doing…

    And it was really worthwhile, seeing your comment on Peter’s ride. The Multiple Ride tool is amazing! And I’ll investigate the other tools – when Strava released the graphical segment explorer is was a good start, but the way you’ve overlaid all the rides on a map so you can figure out popular rides is perfect.

    Thanks for the effort.

  2. Jonathan, fantastic work—this tool is a lot of fun to play with. It’s something I’ve had in mind for a while as well, but being a designer with limited coding abilities, it would have taken me a while, if ever, to get there…

    Really great stuff.

  3. Hi Jonathon,

    Great tool, unfortunately I’m a runner and don’t ride at all. Any chance you can modify the code to allow the same functionality for runs?

    • Thanks David. I’d love to have a screenshot button, but the Google Maps API that I’m using doesn’t support this.

      I did recently add the ability to link to a specific map, so you can provide others with a link that points to the exact map you created, but I can’t do an actual screenshot at this point. You can still, of course, make a screenshot using tools on your PC, but I realize this is not optimal.

  4. Awesome stuff – thanks for making it available!

    A small bug on Safari 5.1.5 (Mac OS 10.6.8), when the dialog comes up saying there are a lot of rides would I like to just load the first 100, clicking on the first 100 button leads to all rides being loaded (tried this twice).

    Further to that, would it be possible to get it to load 100 random rides (or the 100 most recent would be ok too)? Because when you are loading rides for a segment the first 100 can be heavily weighted towards a small number of riders who loaded up Garmin data going back years before Strava began rather than being a representative sample of who is using the segment today.

    Also, is it straightforward to add an option to only load rides flagged as “commute?” Would lead to some quite different patterns to that for all rides on some segments.

  5. Hi. I think the ride mapper is fantastic. The only thing that I cannot work out is how to use it to show just my rides that include a particular segment, ie. enter my ‘Rider ID’ and a chosen ‘Segment ID’.

    Is this something that you could add?

    • Hi Matt, yeah, currently you can’t enter both the rider and the segment (the rider takes precedence if you enter both). I can add this pretty easily, though — I’ll ping you back here once it’s available.

    • Matt, I made some changes recently that now allow you to do as you requested — you can enter both a rider ID and a segment ID, and it will show only rides for that specific rider on that specific segment.

  6. Great visualization tool. Though for the only 100 rides option, I’d prefer the last 100 not the first 100…I’m sure folks will have all sorts of preferences. Would also be cool to filter ride length.

  7. Love it. Easy to use as well. Very well done.

    I’d love to be able to export the gps tracks without any map background as well, as an artery-map without topo or street data. tough, or doable?

    • Thanks Chris. You can’t export GPS tracks with this mapping project, but Cosmo has a tool that lets you export ride data in GPX or TCX format. Check it out here.

      • It seems that page has been shut down? I can’t get cosmo’s strava export to gpx/tcx pages to load on IE or chrome. Are there any alternatives out there? I often export other people’s rides to gpx, then load to my garmin so I can enjoy new roads and not get lost out there. Please help if you can! Thanks a million!

  8. I found a ride that this thing seems to hang on. It’s under my user on 07/03/2010. Not sure it it’s bad data on my end or what. Thanks for the awesomeness.

  9. I have been wondering if I can find a safe route from A to B by overlaying multiple routes of all Strava users. This looks as good as I could anticipate. I just need to find a segment somewhere along the route then let you website do the rest. Excellent!!!!!

    Yes I know my web site has nothing to do with Cycling, but I had a former life as a hammer thrower and weight lifter, I still coach and throw at masters. My wife and I have always cycled. I cycled to school every day as a kid, at uni, and as recovery for heavy training. Now to work and for huge amounts of pleasure.

  10. Thanks for the tool. I’ve been saving screen shots of areas that I ride. I like to zoom in so that extraneous map data is excluded. The tool seems to have large jumps in zoom stages. Is it possible to slow down the zoon rate?

    • Sorry, the zoom increments are set by the mapping tool (Google Maps) and I can’t control the increments between the zoom levels.

  11. Thank you for a very good tool. Great work!

    Feature request / Change Request:
    Allow even more zooming (too see more details)

    • Thanks Henrik. The map displays in “Terrain” mode by default, just like the maps on Strava. This mode limits the amount you can zoom in. If you change the mode using the buttons on the upper-right corner of the map, you can zoom in much further. Change the mode to “Satellite”, or un-check the “Terrain” checkbox below the “Map” button, and you should be able to zoom more.

  12. Neat software, works very well. I have one question/concern. It doesn’t appear to respect the privacy feature which Strava have enabled in their own system.

    • Thanks Peter. For a while, Strava was not correctly hiding rides that were marked as “private”, but I think this is fixed now. In my testing, it doesn’t show rides marked “private”. Are you still seeing problems with this?

      • The reason I came to this comment page was to see if anyone had raised this concern.

        I just mapped my data using my athlete number, and you can quite clearly see where I live.

        My account is on private so how can the API let the tool see my rides let alone ignore my privacy zones.

        I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

        • Hi Grant. Your account itself isn’t actually private on Strava. You have your settings set to require permission to follow you, but that doesn’t make your rides private. Your rides are publicly accessible and viewable on the Strava website and through the API (which is what allows them to show up on this site). They show up on the leaderboards on the Strava website whenever you ride a segment, for example. If you want to actually make your activities private, you need to mark them as private (there is a “Private” checkbox available each time up upload an activity). If you do this, they will not show up on the Strava site, and they will also not show up through the API (so they wouldn’t be seen here either).

          • The problem was not if activities are marked private or not, but regarding the privacy zone.
            Strava has to hide the part of the route which is in the privacy zone, instead in your tool is clearly visibile, so Strava has a big privacy bug!

          • Strava only lets you see your own rides through the API, so there is no way for anyone else to see inside your privacy zone.

  13. Fraid I can’t get it to work. Using IE9 . Can get the segments one to run. The user id is a 6 digit number , right? I’ve only done 50 or 60 rides so it shouldn’t be too large.

    Thanks in advance

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  15. The more I play the more I love this site. I have looked at your segment details as well am was impressed with the graphing. Here is an idea for you because obviously you have time to spare when not working or cycling. I currently do this in Excel. I have a line graph showing monthly totals of km and Hrs. I also have cells set up with goals for the year/month etc.

  16. Great tool. Some improvements suggestions:
    - Show tracks from this year in red
    - Show tracks from earlier year in orange

  17. Hi, this tool is great. One question, though: do you plan to build similar to this to show multiple riders, or maybe groups? I’m asking for to show combined data for strava club’s. A tool, which shows group rides or total km’s and number of kom’s of a club would be very neat.

    • You can show multiple riders by entering multiple rider IDs separated by commas, like this:


      Be aware that this can be slow if you specify a lot of riders (or if they have a lot of rides).

      I don’t have a way to show all the rides for a club, unfortunately, because Strava doesn’t currently provide a function that lists all club members. I’d love to be able to do this, and if Strava provides visibility into club members, I’ll ping you back here when it’s available.

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  19. Hi Jonathon, really great mapping tool this. I wonder if it would be fairly straightforward for you to add an option to display all the segments (just the segments, not the rides in which they were ridden) that any specified rider is KOM on?

    • Thanks Wil. It’s tricky to get all the segments that a rider is KOM on, because Strava doesn’t provide this information directly, so you have to fetch all the rides for that rider one by one and examine them individually. Check out StravaViewer (, which can give you a list of all the segments for which you’re in the top 50.

  20. Thanks for a great tool! Any chance an option for selecting between Cycling/Running/Skiing data could be added? Currently it only seems to show my running info.
    Cheers, Ray

  21. Would there be any way to highlight segments in a different colour?

    Strava’s segment explorer is a horrid tool – it makes it almost impossible to find segments in a particular area, other than the most popular ones. A tool that would display *all* segments on a map would be great. You could use the same width/transparency trick to show segments by popularity, but still display all segments in an area.

  22. Brilliant tool. Lots of fun for exploring route possibilities, and even better for comparing your performance (both peak and average) to the crowd that’s done the same segment as you have.

    I’ve noticed an off-by-one bug in the code:

    1) Plot a set of rides for a segment. Best to chose a segment at the edge of your range.
    2) Don’t reload the page — just empty the segmentid field and put in the URL for your Strava athlete id.
    3) The punch the “go” button
    4) The first ride plotted was someone else’s ride, someone who (I think) rode the segment in step 1. All the other rides were right, and it stopped at my last ride properly (I’ve logged less than 100 rides so far.)

  23. Thanks for a very nice tool.
    The 100 first / last rides and the date range selection is great. Also, I think it would be good to select a geographic area – and different colours for different sports ex MTB and road bike.
    For riders that is not using Strava, I’m using RSS to track new rides posted on Garmin Connect. Any chance that Multiple Ride Mapping also would be available for the Garmin Connect rides?
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, Stein. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything with rides on Garmin Connect, because they don’t provide an API that allows third-party developers to pull details about the rides.

  24. This tool is great. I’ve been using it to keep track of my effort to ride every single road in my town. Thanks for providing it.

    I’m sure you get ideas all the time, but I wonder how easy it might be to create a segment comparison tool. I know that your tool will look at people’s times on a segment. My idea would be to compare two segments in terms of their profiles. Basically, how they stack up in vertical climb, distance, average grade, etc. You could plot the two climbs’ profiles starting from the same origin point, so that you could see where the differences in pitch/elevation occur.

    This would be very useful for comparing climbing ability (of which I have none) against people in different areas, and also for route planning. To give yourself an idea of how your planned climbs relate to climbs you’re more familiar with (would be very useful for vacations and stuff like that when you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into).


  25. Great tool! I was wondering if you might be able to answer a question about the strava api for me (as there’s no support anywhere that I can find)? I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get ride data (the gps data to display the route on a map) for a ride that is not one of my own? Every time I try to call the map_details method, I get an error: “It looks like that ride is not your own?”. If you don’t mind to enlighten me on this one thing, I’d be very grateful. Feel free to email me offline if you are willing to help. Thanks.

  26. Jonathan. Good job creating this cool tool. I’m working on an iphone app using the strava api and I wonder if you’ve had the need to pull the full leader board of a particular segment. It seems that the only data available (leader board) are the first 50 on the segment. I tried to use the “offset” flag to get the next set of efforts but couldn’t make it work. Any experience/success trying this ?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Martin Rosas

  27. Jonathan – amazing tool, well done. One possible development might be to have a heatmap option where you can see more frequently visited stretches of road clearly? Hope someone hasn’t suggested that already – too many comments to read through! Loving the segment detail tool also, keep up the good work! Mark

  28. Great Tool, been using it to visualise the results of our “Try a different route to work” month in our commuting group:,93132,115659,119118,120620,138658,147704,191379,199404,265783,289100,291906,303488,388428,393108,467473,579126,979653,1005593&startDate=08/01/2012&endDate=09/01/2012&width=3&opacity=11&lat=-33.733494&lng=151.136796&zoom=11&autoZoom=3&mapType=terrain

    I think I’ve found a timezone or date bug – if you put in today’s date as an end date, you don’t get today’s rides.

    I’m in Sydney Australia (UTC+10), we get a few timezone bugs on US websites.

    It could just be that you are treating the end date as midnight before that date, which makes sense as a programmer.


    • Thanks Woody. The date handling is just how Strava handles the dates that I pass in — the start date is inclusive, while the end date is not (regardless of time zones). So the date range gets interpreted as “Rides on or after <start date> and before <end date>”. That’s probably not really intuitive — I should document it somewhere (or maybe I just did :-)

  29. Hey jpo,
    I love your series of tools. Does Strava share VAM via the API?

    Not to be [too much of] a Strava**hole but I’m wondering if it’s possible to identify KOM’s I might be a competitor for, i.e. where a Cat1 hasn’t thrown down 800w+ already. Essentially a filter of segments where KOM leader’s VAM is less than X (set by user, or pulled from max effort)

    Bonus points if the KOM is a friend. :)


  30. Hey Jonathan,

    Great tools. I am digging the map and have posted my results a number of places. I may eventually map the whole of SF…who knows. Anyway, you seem to filter to only rides. I have a runner friend that would like to see her map. Any thoughts on how to make that work?


  31. Hi Jonanthan, do you know of a way to retrieve segment data only? I’m trying to create a static map of difficult to find trails in my area.

    • Hi Joe, not sure exactly what you mean. If you enter a segment ID in the segment field, you’ll get a map of all rides that have passed through that segment. You can enter multiple segment IDs, too, separated by commas, and it will display all rides that passed through any of the segments. If you have a few segments on the trails you’re looking at, plug them in, and it will build up a map showing all the rides that hit those segments. For example, this link shows a fairly extensive set of trails built up from three short segments.

      • I think what he is saying is that he’d like to only show the portion of the rides that are defined segments.

        An example is that he would want to discard the portion of a ride that someone did from their house to the trail, only leaving the trail itself.

  32. It would be great if I could paste in a handful or so of Strava segments, and you would connect them to make a ride for me that went through the segments (in the right directions!) and I could then download the GPX file. ok?

    • Hi Bret, right now the Strava API only returns data for rides, not runs. When they make runs available through the API, I’ll definitely add them to the map.

  33. Awesome work! I had been wanting this functionality on Strava’s website and am glad someone used the API to do it. =D

    Too bad the API doesn’t have “friends” information… it’d be a nice feature to see a list of friends and click to see their maps.

  34. BTW it’d be a cool feature to show some of the ride information (e.g. distance, date) when someone clicks on a ride.

  35. Hey Jonathan,

    What about displaying some brief summary stats for all the rides on the map? I’d be interested in seeing total miles, elevation gain, and time ridden.


  36. Hmm it seems the multiple ride mapper is not working for me in Chrome right now, even though it used to. Anyone else having this issue?

  37. Stopped working for me a couple of days ago in Firefox 15.0.1 :( Love this I’m on 9000km cycling trip around Thailand and been using it for screen grabs of the whole route… :/ hope it comes back to life.

    • Paul, I just tried it on Firefox 15.0.1 (Windows Vista) and it worked OK for me. Are you getting some sort of an error message, and if so, could you let me know what it is?

      BTW, what an incredible trip you’re on — the map is amazing!

      • The ride has bee amazing (and I love your little API tool).
        (a) no it only load’s 2 then stops, was working find. no error message, not nothing…
        (b) just tired it in Chrome and it’s working fine (and faster than it was in Firefox) so obviously it’s nothing 2 do with you and everything to be with my browser…

        THANKS FOR CHECKING :) :) Make sure you come say hello when you come to Thailand.

  38. PS If I had one wish for your tool, it would be a {FULL SCREEN} button for the map section. So I could do larger screen shots, I’m working off a netbook with a screen the size of postage letter, lol.

    • Sorry I couldn’t help with your Firefox issue, Paul, but full screen is a great idea. I’ve added support for full-screen viewing, via a button in the upper right corner of the map. Works great on Chrome and Firefox (those browsers provide true full-screen support). Also works in IE but IE doesn’t support taking over the full screen, so the map isn’t quite as big in IE.

  39. Is it possible to get data for a segment that has been flagged? Strava has my data so it must have data for others too, but can you get it?

    • No, you can’t get data through the Strava API for a segment that has been flagged as hazardous. Once it is flagged the data is no longer available (even though Strava still stores it internally).

  40. great job Jonathan!
    thank you for all the efforts and let’s hope Strava opens a bit their API to include other activities than riding.

  41. Hello, Jonathan! Great job!!!

    I was wondering how difficult would be programming the tool which would export Strava GPX data from multiple rides???

    It would be a great tool for exporting / importing data to other tracking services as Endomondo etc.

    If you have already managed to load those rides, it seems to me that wil be easy for you to export those data in GPX in zip file.

    • Thanks WERT. I haven’t done any work with exporting rides, so it would be a fair amount of effort for me. You might want to check out Cosmo Catalano’s export tools (GPX and TCX). These can’t do multiple rides, but perhaps could be extended to do so.

  42. Jonathan, Great tool! Really impressive work.

    Two ideas:

    1) The ability to export the combined map would be awesome. I’ve always liked seeing what the outline of the rides looks like against the grey background as tiles load during zoom level changes. Having the ability to generate only the outline of the rides would be great.

    2) The ability to filter rides based on name. Example use case: a group has a named ride that starts in different locations, so you can’t filter on a particular segment, but would like to prepare a map of these named rides only.

  43. Jonathan,

    Great tool, thanks for your efforts with it !!
    Just a pity Strava doing allow API access to runs.

    Also, wondering if you are just writing the Lat/Long to the GPolyline for the map overlays or doing the Encoded GPolyline thing ?

    Thanks .. Ken

    • Thanks for the kind words, Ken. I’m doing some internal reduction on the tracks to reduce the data volume, rather than strictly echoing the lat/lng data that Strava provides. The ride data from Strava is very high-resolution (data points every one to three seconds); Google Maps can handle this level of detail for a single ride, but when you start throwing hundreds of rides at it, the API will bog down a lot. So I simplify the data to cut down on the number of data points without sacrificing map detail.

  44. Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks for such a great tool. I’m digging deeper to see how I can make the most of it, but do have one goal:
    I’d love to be able to see a map view of the segments I have ridden in a time period. This would really help me plan new rides and get a good picture of the areas I’ve explored!
    I had a try at pasting lots of segment IDs intothe search tool but didn’t have much luck.
    Any thoughts?

  45. Nice tool, been looking for something like this for a while. Gives a new way to plan rides – roads that have never been ridden can now be targeted easily!

    Thanks much!

    • That’s so awesome, Bret, thanks for the kudos. Riding all the streets in a municipality is an enormous project. I did it locally in my small town a couple years ago, but doing in in SF is just mind-boggling. Rock on!

      • Btw, a follow-up on a previous question about runs to strava (you mentioned the API didn’t output). Here’s the response I got:

        Hello Bret,

        The current API which we are in the process of retiring, does allow export of ride/activity data. The new version is in the process of build and testing and will be more robust that the current API. We are no longer accepting new requests for the old API. We do have a signup form to request notification when the new version is released.

        Strava Support Team

        Not sure if you are on the list yet or not…


  46. After spending hours trying to map all my rides by exporting from Garmin Connect using a Ruby script and then using multiple GPX and mapping programs, I came across this site and apparently I wasted a lot of time as this site is awesome and does exactly what I want with a click of a button. Great work!

  47. Hey JPO,

    From a Strava engineer if you are interested in the new API: If there is someone who is interested in trying out the API, they need to get an access token from Craig Peters, the Strava PM who is managing the Beta API. His email is


  48. I use Strava primarily for running and hiking. I was excited to stumble across this tool, thinking I could build a composite map of hikes from the GPS data in Strava but upon testing it have found it apparently only imports rides. I would love if a choice could be added to build a map based on activity type. Very cool tool!

    • Thanks. I’d love to be able to support activities other than rides, but unfortunately Strava doesn’t currently make this data available to third-parties. They reportedly have a new version of the API in the works, but it will have major changes and I’m not sure whether it will work with this mapping tool. We’ll see…

      • Would love to use it for my trail running too! Hope it becomes available soon. Other tools (for CRs and stuff) seem to accept runs. Thanks for all the great work!

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  50. Hi Jonathan, I see some potential business here. What about a print system? Generate your riding map, click a button and get a framed print of your rides at home to hang on your basement… Just an idea…

  51. Hi Jonathan,
    The URL for the new “Strava Annual Summary” seems to be for the “Strava Segment Details” instead. A typo I assume. Thanks for your apps!

  52. loaded 67 out of 76 rides, then it stopped mapping..just about to try again.
    Also, would be good if we could load maps for individual bikes, for instance I have a road bike and mountainbike but only wish to load mtb rides. Could that be done?
    Can I also map my friends rides on the same map?

    • Hi mj. Hope you got it to work. When I tried it with your profile, it found 69 rides and mapped them all. It’s possible that some of your rides are private — if that’s the case, this tool won’t see them (it can only see public rides).

      There’s no way to search for rides for a specific bike right now, unfortunately. Depending on how your rides are organized, you might be able to use the keyword search, though — if your mtb rides all have the term “mtb” in the ride names, then you could enter “mtb” as a search term in the “Keyword” field, and it would just find those rides.

      Yes, you can map your friends’ rides on the same map. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to just enter multiple rider IDs in the “Rider” field, separated by commas. The second way is to add riders to the map one at a time. Enter the first ID (such as your own) and hit “Load” to create the map. When it’s done, enter another ID, and change the “Replace” setting from “Replace current map” to “Add to current map”. This will add the new rider’s rides to the current map. Doing it this way also allows you to plot your friend’s rides in a different color — just change the “Settings apply to” field to “New rides only” and pick a different color before loading your friend’s rides.

  53. Hi. This is great – I’ve been looking for years for a way to visualise all the GPS traces I’ve collected from commuting, cycletouring, training etc.

    A couple of unreasonable feature requests:
    - a way to dim the background, to make the traces stand out more. (eg, overlay a black box with 50% opacity…)
    - a way to include traces from sources other than Strava. I’d like to be able to show routes where I have created a .gpx, but it doesn’t include time data (from before I had a GPS)
    - automatic colour coding by year, by average speed, by distance…
    - filter out untitled rides. (I leave all my commutes and errand rides with titles like “03/04/2012 Carnegie, VIC, Australia” – perhaps others do too)
    - option of OpenStreetMap (eg, HikeBikeMap) background

    Awesome work, thanks again.

    • Hey Adrian, I’m with you 100% on the skiing. The Strava API doesn’t currently provide access to non-cycling activities, so there’s nothing I can do here. If this changes I will definitely incorporate this into the mapping tool. Not sure about what you mean regarding mapping activities by ID, could you elaborate?

  54. This is one of the coolest APPs I have every used.

    Only one suggestion: A nice feature would be to allow us to map other workouts besides just rides.

    • Thanks Jason. I’d love to include runs and other activities, but Strava doesn’t expose them through their API. They’ve been saying for a while that they’re working on this, so hopefully sometime soon they’ll provide that functionality, and I’ll integrate it here.

  55. Hi Jonathan,

    thanks for this great tool, it’s really fun to explore one’s travels!

    I’ve a technical/dev question: I’m trying to extract the lag/lng list of a ride through the API but for some reason I can’t get to it. I don’t get any data back through v1 of the API ( and need to provide an authentication token for v2 ( Omitting the token results in a “It looks like that ride is not your own?” error.

    Seeing that your tool doesn’t require a login I’m wondering how do you fetch the map_details of a ride? Which API endpoint are you querying?

    Thanks in advance for the hints..


  56. Great site!

    I was hoping to do runs, then i read many of your replies stating that strava only allows cycling data via their api. this boggles my mind!! what are they thinking?!?!?

    anyway, looks great — too bad strava hasn’t bought your intellectual property, or at least hired you! keep it up!

  57. Jonathan
    I too would like to be able to map multiple RUNs (instead of rides).
    Any progress with the Strava folks on this?

  58. First off Jonathan thanks for all the great tools you provide, I use them regularly and love them.

    Now my question, is there any kind off tool, or is it even feasible, that takes a route created on a site like ‘mapmyride or ‘ridewithgps’ and then shows the Strava segments that the route will pass through? I would have thought that this would be a fairly popular tool but can’t find anything that matches the description.

    Anyway keep up the good work, your efforts are very much appreciated.

    • Thanks Stephen. On the segment-matching question, I’m not aware of anything that does this. I’ve heard others ask for similar capabilities as well, but as far as I know nobody has implemented this. The problem is that Strava doesn’t offer segment-matching directly through their API, so there’s no way to say “here’s a route, show me the segments that occur along the route”. The best you can do is find all segments within a given area. In theory you could do this and try to match them manually against the given route, but this would require quite a bit of effort. But yeah, it would be great to see something like this.

  59. Hi, love your site. Don’t know if you’ve been asked this before, but it is amazing that you can see all of the rides you have done on the one map. Have you ever considered setting up a similar page which just shows you all of the KOM’s that you have on the one map?

    • Thanks Brendan. Never thought of that — I don’t have enough KOMs to be worth showing on a map :-) It’s a good idea, though.

  60. i’m trying to master this new multiple ride mapping tool.
    I have input my rider id from my profile page and location, and the date i want to see it from. But when i press Load nothing is happeneing. Where am i going wrong please?

    • Hi Colin. It looks like you’re entering the rider ID in both the Rider ID field and the Segment ID field. You should just put the rider ID in the Rider ID field. You can leave the Segment ID field blank unless you just want to see rides that pass through a specific segment.

      • Hi, thats great advice thanks. It’s always easy once someone more intelligent than myself explains it lol.
        Can i ask you one more quick question. I uploaded the most recent update of the strava iphone app today, and it says you can view the map of your route as you are cycling it. On the ‘New Ride’ page above the start button it has ‘stats’ and ‘Map’ I can’t get the ‘Map’ button to come on and it appears stuck on the ‘stats’ button. Is the ‘map’ button where you can view this new part of the strava app? And if so how do i get the ‘stats’ button off and the ‘map’ button to go on.
        Thanks again

  61. Jonathan, I love this app!! Thank you so much. Is there a way to get a numeric summary for a period of time shorter than a year?

    • Thanks for the kind words Ken. I don’t have any summary statistics for periods shorter than a year. What kind of thing were you looking for?

      • I was hoping to be able to put in a date range and get a summary. I’m doing a cross country ride next month and thought it would be a good way to display the course, mileage and time. Maybe in your next version?

  62. Just started using this and I really love it. However, I tried adding a ride I did today and it says that “no rides found” ? Am I doing something wrong?

    • Bret, congratulations on (almost) finishing a super-impressive project. Good luck on your final ride. If you don’t mind, I added a picture of your map to the main body of this post.

  63. Is there any way you could create a GPX export feature? I am trying to update OpenStreetMap with appropriate trails for mountain biking and it would be great to have everyone’s GPS data for a given segment for importing into OpenStreetMap.

  64. Are you planning to upgrade your tools to Strava API V3, and if so, do you know when they’ll be available?

    (Strava announced that Strava API V3 would be coming “later this year”, and Strava API V1 and V2 endpoints will cease to work as of May 31.)

    • Yes, I’m planning on upgrading to the V3 API when it becomes available, but I don’t know when this will be. Given that it’s not available currently (as of mid-May), I would certainly hope that the V1 and V2 endpoints persist beyond the end of May (developers will need more than a couple of weeks of lead time to migrate from the old APIs).

    • Thanks Stefano. It looks like you loaded some of those older rides into Strava recently, which is causing the segments not to show up on my segment detail pages. I have refreshed these pages and your older segments should be showing up now.

      • Yes, I loaded a bunch of old rides last week.
        Do you do a periodic refresh of “all” the segments for cases like this?
        Can this be done? I guess it could take a lot of time since the number of segments is huge…
        Thanks again,

  65. Just wanted to say thanks for this tool. Have wanted to do this for ages and now I have a way to find the roads less ridden! Much appreciated.

  66. Hello, this is a fantastic tool! My girlfriend and I are currently bicycle touring from Mexico to Argentina and this allows us to view our entire route. By setting only the start date, I can always view the most up to date route. I found the ‘link to page’ feature, but I wonder if you plan to provide a means to embed just the map (without the rest of the interface). This would be fantastic for embedding on our blog! Is there a way to do this?

    • Thanks Lars. Looks like a terrific trip you’re on. The embedded map feature is a great idea. I will ponder how this might be implemented, and ping you back here if I come up with anything.

  67. I’m using Strava for recording rides with my Velomobiel.
    Because a Velomobiel is much faster than normal bikes, I mark my rides as workout. But your fantastic site does not read workouts. Can you add a choice list with different types of activities. Perhaps with the possibility of chosing one or more types in one request?

    • Thanks Marinus. Right now the only type of activity Strava provides through its API is rides. That is expected to change when they release the new version of their API, which is supposed to happen within the next few weeks. So hopefully pretty soon you’ll be able to map runs, hikes, workouts, and any other type of activity.

  68. Amazing work Jonathan! Thank you so much.

    I’m trying to use this tool to find new off-road routes to ride in my local area. Is there any way you could automate this by highlighting the routes where there is no road, or only a “lane”. Better still, a tool which would automatically generate me a route in my local area to ride based on any length given, which maximises off-road sections. Food for thought?!

  69. Will this multi-ride-mapper still function after Strava changes their API on July 1st?
    I use the mapper all the time, just wondering if I should be worried…

    • Thanks Jon. Yes, you should be a little bit worried. Strava has stated that they will shut off their current API after June 30, but they have not yet provided full access to the new API (they have accepted a “small handful of developers” into the beta program for the new API, but I am not among them). There are more details in their blog post here. Shutting off their existing API before launching the new one seems like a strange roll-out process to me. At this point I’m expecting all the tools available on my site to stop working after June 30. Once I have access to the new API I will convert as much of the work as possible to the new API. Hopefully this will happen before June 30, but I don’t know for sure since Strava is not saying when they will release the new API (one of their blog posts says that it might not happen until “later this year”).

  70. Unfortunately it appears the multiple ride mapper is no longer working (due to changes in the Strava API?). It just says “no rides found”. I hope it can be fixed as I really enjoy using it :)

    • Sorry Jochta, all of my tools are currently offline since Strava cancelled their old API versions at the end of June. I’m currently working on making them work with the new API, but it will take some time to get things up and running.

      • I hope you can get this working again soon! The multi-mapper tool is really fantastic. It has transformed the way I think about routes and plan new rides.

  71. I have been a busy little beaver of late and have created a database of over 700 climbs in the state that I live in (cat 4 and above). 2 days too late, I discover the one app that could have plotted them all on a map. I hope you can still do that with the new API.

    • Hi David. Sorry the tool is offline currently — it should be back soon, in one form or another. In the interest of full disclosure, though, what this does is plot multiple rides, not multiple segments. So if you’re just looking for a tool that can display a bunch of segments on a single map, you’re not exactly going to be able to do that here (in the current form, anyway).

  72. HI Jonathan – Sorry to see that the mapper is offline. I see that Strava are looking for devs to nominate themselves for using the API to include “Novel uses of Strava data that benefit athletes”. I used the mapper to locate places to ride that I’d not previously been to – very useful for doing so. Given that the July challenge on Strava is to do just that, then I think you’ve got a strong case… happy to vouch for you if you need support in this.

  73. For those who have been asking about the status of the mapping tool since Strava withdrew the old versions of their API this week: the mapping tool is back online and working with the new version of the API. See further details in the notes above.

  74. I use the multiple ride mapper based on segment ID endlessly when planning rides around my area and in areas unknown to me. This is a huge bummer, and I hope that Strava implements this in the V3 API as soon as possible.

    • Thanks John. Strava’s support website is here. Hit them up there and let them know that fetching a list of athletes that have hit a given segment should be one of the core features of their API. There’s also an extensive thread here, which makes essentially the same case in support of the awesome VeloFlow tool, which uses the same API and no longer works because of the changes that Strava introduced in the new API.

  75. Thanks again for this great tool. Love maps – especially when they’re all about me!

    My comment from back in May seems to be confusingly garbled. What I meant to say/suggest was this:

    It would be useful for me to *filter out* rides that are tagged as commutes, either from the title or from Strava’s Commute check-box. That way I could more easily generate maps of my more interesting rides, without waiting for the (hundreds) of commutes to also load.

    At the moment your keyword search only does ‘positive’ searches, right? If I could search for “NOT commute”, that would be great.

    • Mike -

      Thanks for the kind words, and for the suggestion. Turns out the “negative filter” is incredibly easy to implement, so it’s all set for you to use now. Just prefix your keyword with a hyphen (“-commute”) and it will show you all rides that don’t have “commute” in the title. Note that this doesn’t yet work with the actual “commute” attribute in Strava — it’s just looking at the text of the ride title, but from looking at the way you title the rides in your feed, it looks like this will probably work for you.

      • Hey Jonathan

        I really admire the work you have put into your mapping tool. It is awesome. In relation to the post from Mike I am interested in drawing out attribute data in Strava like commute rides for planning exercises and trying to differentiate between routes people favour for sports cycling and those chosen for other trips like commuting. Is it likely you will be able to draw other Strava attribute data using the mapping tool?


        • Thanks, Peter. Yes, that’s a possibility. I recently added the ability to map certain types of activities (rides vs. runs vs. other types of activities), and Strava now provides the commuting attribute in its API, so I should be able to use this in a similar manner to map commute / non-commute rides for those that are interested — is that what you’re looking for?

  76. First of all, what a great app! Second, any plans creating true heat maps? This would be an excellent tool for our bike/pedestrian task force to show local municipalities where cyclists are riding and when.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Ray. I don’t have a good algorithm at this point for generating color-based heatmaps based on linear geospatial data. Most of the tools out there work with point data sources, not linear data sources. If anyone has information on a good way of generating linear heatmaps, I’d love to hear about it.

  77. Awesome tool. I love watching how my riding radius extends outwards as the season goes on.

    I frequently map every ride. Any way to export or save results for an athlete. That way I don’t bombard the app with “Map every single ride” each time I use it?

    • Thanks Brian. The ride maps are saved (in a reduced form) on my server for a limited time after they are first fetched from Strava, so if you come back the next day, it will use your saved maps (which is much faster than re-fetching them from Strava). I don’t have any way to export or save them locally, but that’s a good idea — I’ll think about it.

      • I’m getting the same error as Carol: “Warning no activities found.” I definitely have a ton of recent activities, so seems like a bug. Has been working without issue until yesterday afternoon (7/25/2013).

        BTW, this is such an awesome tool. Thanks for your efforts!

    • Same message here; tried multiple accounts.

      Jon, is this some carryover from July 1st’s v3 headache? Hope you can get it sorted out with minimal headache on your end.

      • Hi guys – Strava has changed their API (again!!) in a way that significantly reduces the amount of data that is available through the API. Accessing data through their API now requires you to authorize this application to see your Strava data, and even then you will only be able to see your own activities and those of people you follow. You won’t be able to see activities from other people through the API, even if those activities are publicly available on Strava (yes, this doesn’t make any sense).

        I need to do some more work to get this app to work with their new authentication system, which will probably take a few days. Until then, it will be offline. I’ll post a note here when it’s available again.

        • Thanks, Jon, I really appreciate your efforts.

          Sorry about the strange hoops it seems like you’re having to jump through.

        • this makes me sad…I wish there was something I could do for you vis-a-vis harassing Strava…I do know the raceshape heatmap thing works, so must be that kind of authentication.

          • Thanks Bret, I appreciate the kind words. RaceShape, as far as I know, only shows rides that have been “race-shaped” (people who have gone to RaceShape to check out segment performances). My mapping site has previously enabled you to see all rides from any rider, or all rides on any given segment. Strava has gradually been closing down on this access bit by bit, and now it looks like you’ll only be able to see your own rides.

          • Raceshape also do a heatmap for just your activities. It makes you authenticate the application on Strava to allow it to acces your data. I’m guessing your (much nicer!) app will need to do similar. See

          • Per Jochta’s comment, raceshape does have an overlay program, but only for your own rides. It works OK, but the resolution is not great. What are your plans with getting your map program up and running for just our personal data? There is a small, but growing group of riders that use your program to see progress on ride-every-road projects. For us, it’s less important to see others rides.
            Thanks for all the work you have put into this.

          • Thanks Bret. I just need to finish up some of the authentication work, and it will then be back online. Probably within the next couple days. You’ll only be able to see your own rides and those of people you follow. This represents a huge loss of functionality in my opinion, but I can only work with what Strava will provide.

          • Thanks Jonathan. I really appreciate all the work you have put into this. I know it’s a pain but has provided for some cool projects.

          • Thanks, king. No additional complications, just haven’t had any time to work on it lately. Should be able to get it done before the end of August.

  78. Count me as another one keen to see the tool back! Great work!
    Strava is a “social media” site.. nothing says social more than community software!

  79. Jonathan, this is a great tool. It’s fun to look at my activity of last year getting ready for the biggest ride I’ve yet done, and this summer I’ve been using it to guide me to roads I’ve not yet ridden. Easy to figure out in San Francisco, a bit trickier with UK country lanes. :-)

    If any puzzles remain on how the API is supposed to work for authentication, has sorted it and would probably share.

  80. Jonathan–it’s great to see that the tool is once more available! I had used it long before realizing that you were in the NCC and had kindly offered to ride a few laps of my 100 Miles of Nowhere this June.

    I have noticed that using the tool today, every time a new ride loaded, my web browser presented me a modal dialogue that said: “ [break] type=, multipleAthletes=false”, with an OK button. Until I clicked OK, the tool would stall. Not a problem for a few rides, but if I want to visualize all the roads I’ve ridden in the Valley this year, it is annoying.

    This was on a MacBook Pro with Retina Display (15″) running Mac OS 10.8.4. Safari popped up a new dialog with each new ride. Firefox gave me the option, after the second dialog, of preventing the page from popping up more dialogs, but when I chose the option, the page stopped loading new rides.

    Let me know if screenshots would be useful.


    • Oops, sorry about that, Brian, that was a bug that was leftover from my debugging a portion of the authentication process. Thanks for catching this, it should be fixed now — please let me know if you see it again. And congratulations again on your 100 Miles of Nowhere ride — it was great to do a couple of laps with you on that ride!

  81. Really happy to see this working again, nice job! Strava chopping and changing their APIs must’ve left you wondering whether to bother sticking with it, but this user is very happy that you did!

    • Thanks Pete. Yes, the rollout process for the new API did have me wondering whether it would be worth the effort, so I appreciate your feedback.

  82. Thank you so much for persevering at getting the multiple ride mapper going again. I started riding the roads in central London (one day in the distant future all of them, hopefully), and your mapper is invaluable to me. I use it to inspire more silly rides all the time, keeping track of where I’ve been and where I plan on going next. Am relieved and sincerely grateful!

  83. Excellent tool. Love it! I always wanted to see what a combined map of my rides would look like. Now I can see exactly where I need to explore more…

    Thanks for the effort to get it up and keeping going. I wondered what you did when you were not riding our wonderful hilltown roads.

    Thanks, PBG

  84. Hi,

    Happy to see your tool working again and getting even better.

    One remark: the feature ‘Link to this map’ is not including the new ‘Activities to Map’ and ‘Level of detail’ fields, which make the bookmarked links of my friends not working nicely.

    regards, Hendrik

    • Thanks Hendrik. I’ll look at the link issues. One thing to note here is that since Strava restricted access to their API, you need to be authenticated by Strava in order to view the maps at all, and you can only view maps from yourself and people you follow. So the link feature is less useful than it used to be, because you can no longer send links to random friends or post them on your web pages, because they will only work for people who are Strava members and who follow you on Strava.

  85. Love the new colour scheme, makes it much much easier to view than the Strava default tool. The obvious missing option is the ability to save your map, especially since it takes a long time to build. I love doing rides which can fill in and connect up sections of my heatmap so I’d want to update it after every ride!

  86. Hi Jonathan, great to see the multiple ride tool back in operation, has been an invaluable exploration tool since I first came across it – Strava’s attempt isn’t nearly as useful.

    Just a thought on the future, do you think it would be possible to use the tool to calculate ‘Unique’ miles/kms ridden, for all of us intrepid explorers inspired/obsessed with riding the nooks and crannies of out local domain.

    • Thanks Martin. Yes, I would very much like to be able to do calculations on “unique” miles, or, somewhat-related, to calculate “newly-covered” miles in a given time period. This is a pretty complicated task, so it’s not something I can do right away, but it’s definitely a capability that I’m planning on adding in the future.

  87. Hi Jonathan,
    The past few days the level of detail seems to be stuck on ‘Low’. Any ideas on how to get the high level of detail to display again?

  88. Eric/G SIM, could you clarify what you mean by “stuck in low-detail mode”? Do you not have the option for high detail, or is it drawing with low details even though you select high detail mode?

    • It’s the latter: regardless of what’s selected on the drop down, the resulting map is drawn in low level of detail. At first I thought it’s because I have too many rides (recently hit 300+), but then I found out that this is still the case even when I’m mapping just one ride.

      • Thanks for the feedback, YN. It is working OK for me. Can you try it on both high and low detail and confirm whether they display the same or differently (and whether they process at the same speed or not)?

  89. For the folks who have been reporting only getting low-resolution maps for the past few days, thanks for your feedback. It turns out that Strava made modifications to the way their API works (again!) and reduced the level of detail that was available by default. I’ve found a way to work around this, though, and you should be able to get high-resolution maps again. Let me know if anyone continues to see problems with the map resolution.

  90. Thank you SO MUCH for your hard work in getting the multi ride mapper up and running again (after the API changes). I used the mapper all the time in the past for designing mtb routes in areas that I would visit for business. I can’t thank you enough that it’s back up running again (even without the “segment ID” button). Cheers!

  91. Hi JPO,

    First, I want to thank you for the amazing work you did on this website!
    I came accorss a problem recently, I noticed that one of my ride doesn’t show anymore on the multiple rides mapping tool: strava id is 91276152.
    I believe this is a bug, you can contact me if you need information to fix this :)


  92. Do the rides in the heat map “decay” in color, meaning will they fade over time as you log more rides or is it simply based on the count of times you’ve done a route?

    If the latter, is the heat based on the number of times you pass over a spot or number of activities that pass over a spot? If, for example, you run around a track 10 times during a single activity, does the tool register that as “1″ or “10″?

    Love the tool though – still use this over Strava’s!


    • Thanks Matt. The color is based on a count of the number of activities that have passed over a spot, and does not decay over time. If you go around a track ten times in one activity, it should be colored the same as if you had gone around the track one time.

  93. Love these tools, by the way!

    Is there anyway in which you can iframe or imbed the map after you have created into a blog?

    I tried this and it sort of works but you basically have reload the data.

  94. HI JPO,

    Love your mapping tool as I am yet to take the plunge and upgrade to Strava Premium to access the heatmap (Did they use your tool?).

    Anyhow, my question is whether using it for other users is no longer supported? In early December 2013 it worked, but now I find I can no longer view other peoples heat maps. I get an error, ‘no data found’.

    Please let me know. I found the tool great for discovering new routes that people I follow have done.

    Thanks – Simon

    • Thanks Simon. At the moment, it looks like you’re right — that Strava has cut off access for users other than each athlete’s own account. I can’t be sure it will stay this way, as their access policies have been changing substantially over the last twelve months or so, but generally they have been moving in the direction of restricting access, so I’m not optimistic about reversing this. I find it very strange that I can see all of an individual user’s rides through Stravas’s own website, but yet I cannot access them through Strava’s own API.

      • Thanks for the response JPO.

        Have you ever accessed Strava’s premium heat map feature? Does that allow you to view other athletes data?

        • Yes, I’ve used Strava’s heatmap. It only allows you to access your own data. You can share your map, to allow other people to see it, but you can’t generate a map for another athlete.

          • Well – I hope they sort out the differences between the website and API then! Keep up the awesome work.

          • I will be anticipating if we can use the software to display the data for other users. I wish I get a note if STRAVA reopenned the access.


  95. Hi Jonathan

    amazing tools! as a more or less pro rider I love my bike statistics, big props
    for that.

    I’d really like to share my heat map and the segment stats with my friends via email. but the linking in the heat map ain’t working. everytime I click on that after uploading my rides it just reloads an empty map. the annual summary does not have a share option at all.

    it’s a pitty cause strava is a social media 2.0

    best regards from berlin

    • Thanks! Strava has cut way back on what kind of data you can see for riders other than yourself, so it’s now difficult or impossible to share links with other people, particularly if they are not Strava members. A lot of people use screenshots for sharing. I know that’s not ideal, but it’s the most effective option, given Strava’s data restrictions.

  96. I’m having the same problem with a blank map but I just want to show my own rides.
    I don’t know if anyone else is using it for the same reason but I think its perfect for showing a dynamic map of a long tour. I’ve been looking for a solution beyond a screen save for a long time.
    Garmin Adventures crashes after about ten rides shown together.

    Great work

    my link is:

    • Richie, there was a problem with the link URL generator which is now fixed. Try it again and it should work for your own rides (don’t use the URL above, re-generate the map and generate a new URL).

  97. Pingback: Here’s a Neat Run/Ride Mapping Tool |

  98. Hey Jonathan,

    Is there anyway to tweak the sensitivity of the gradient on heatmap mode? I really like your colors, but for a project I just did it wasn’t quite sensitive enough.

    I can send a screen shot if you want or go check out todays ride(s). The least had 1 trace and the most had 9.


  99. A quick comment on displaying heat maps for other users and segments. Strava users with a premium account can download any GPX track that’s public. Could this tool take advantage of that? I’d love to use that to explore riding opportunities. Right now the process of combing segment leaderboars and downloading GPX tracks is a bit laborious.

    Thanks for creating this tool.

    • Hey Kai, thanks for the kudos. Unfortunately, Strava no longer exposes this functionality through their API, so third-parties like me can’t see ride maps from other users.

  100. Hey,

    Love the page, the only thing that is not working is to see other people rides/runs.

    When I use somebody else’s ID I get: Warning: no activities found

    • Thanks Stefaan. Yes, Strava has cut off their API features that allowed you to see other people’s rides, so now you can only see your own. This is really unfortunate, but there’s nothing I can do about it, since the tool can only work with the data that Strava allows it to see.

  101. Hi Jonathon,

    Is there a way I can save my map? If possible, I’d like to save it as an image file – .jpg ?



  102. Superb tool. I read another post about privacy and my experience is that it does show rides that I have marked as private. It also shows where I live quite clearly whereas on Strava I have this area set as a privacy area or whatever they call it where no rides show up within a certain radius of an address you enter. I’m guessing the routes ‘hidden’ within this radius are not that well hidden if they are obtainable through the Strava API! Then again if it’s the case that you can no longer see other people’s rides then I guess I am the only one who can produce this map?

    Anyway great effort with this, you get a lot more value out of your GPS data than you do with Strava itself!

  103. When I imported my rides for this year, my map was distorted by a random side trip to Kasakhstan in the midst of a ride near Seattle. I was able to crop that out of the ride in Strava, but I can’t figure out a way to update (or re-import) that ride in your mapping tool. Any ideas?

    Thanks for creating and providing this tool (and the annual reports one). Sure is fun to use.


    • Congratulations on making it all the way to Kazakhstan on a ride from Seattle. Your legs must be a lot stronger than mine :-) When the mapping tool fetches ride data from Strava, it saves a copy of that data for a couple days, in case you want to come back again and generate another map — it is a lot faster than going back to Strava to re-fetch all your ride details. If you’ve changed your ride on Strava, however, (like you have here), the mapping tool will still see the old saved data for a couple days. The old data will be cleared within about 48 hours, and you should see the proper map at that point. Drop me a line here if you’re still having problems with it as of next week.

  104. Is there a way to show different rides in different colors? I’m trying to show the courses that a particular sportive took last year and this year. I thought this might work:

    * Select “Display Mode: monochrome”
    * Pick a color
    * Load first ride
    * Select “Replace: Add to current map”
    * Pick a different color
    * Load second ride

    No luck, though. Whenever I pick a color, it changes the color of all rides that are already loaded, not just the next ones.

    • Michael – Yes, you can do this. You have the procedure almost exactly right, except for after you load the first ride, you need change the “Settings apply to” drop-down from “All activities” to “New activities only”. After that, when you select a different color, it won’t change the color of rides currently on the map — it will instead use the new color for any rides that you subsequently add to the map.

  105. I’ve got several activities that aren’t showing up in the Multi Ride Mapper. They are, however, included in my Annual Summary. For example, I have 12 hikes this year and only 9 show up on the MRM. Is there a fix for this?
    Strava ID 1778669

  106. Hi. This is an awesome tool. I just can’t get the “map activities from another athlete” function to work with the athlete ID. Would you know what I’m doing wrong? Or is this a bug?

    Thanks for your answer!

    • Thanks Paal. Unfortunately, Strava has restricted their API so that you can only see your own data in the mapping tool, and can no longer see data from other athletes. I will be removing the option to view other athletes soon. I’d love to be able to display data from multiple athletes, but I can only work with what Strava makes available.

    • You can’t do this directly, but you can put in a one-day date range to map a single activity, and then add additional specific activities to the map.

    • Yes, that would be possible. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while, but I haven’t found a good and fast algorithm for doing the calculation. I will probably add this at some point when I get it figured out.

  107. This is so great! Thank you so much for sharing what must have been a lot of work. I plan to use it to document my ongoing “Ride Every Road” in Antioch CA project. One silly question: Is there a way for me to save my map somehow (other than a screen shot?) and then add to it? In any event, THANKS AGAIN!

    • Thanks Curtis. There is no way currently to save the map, so a screenshot is your best option. However, your activities are saved for a few days, so if you come back to the site and run another map, it will be much faster the next time.

      • I ran into the cache speediness today when I decided to try using a screen recorder to capture each of my rides being added to the map. They were added far too fast for the recorder to catch them all. I guess I’ll have to come back in a few days and try again.

  108. I made a video for the rides covering my city using a screen recorder:

    I set opacity to full, width to minimum, single color, and disabled zooming. I also set my browser to fullscreen mode to buy some extra space. Then I did some manual trimming in virtualdub to reduce the gap between ride loads to 1 second.

  109. Is there any way to go to the original page where you enter your Strava ID? I ask because I accidentally revoked access on Strava on my laptop. I granted access again on another laptop and the mapper works fine. But on my laptop it says “No activities found”. I think re-entering my ID will solve this problem but I can’t get to the page.

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  111. Thanks for creating this tool; it has been a key part of my “ride every street in my city” project. I prefer to keep my rides in Strava private, and their built in heatmap doesn’t work with private rides.

    It’s been working great so far, but today I noticed a problem. At least one ride that should be included in the map didn’t appear. (Since I’m riding every street in the city, it was obvious that there was a gap I knew I had ridden already. :))

    I was eventually able to track it down to a specific ride, Strava ID 204871291. Then I looked at the network traffic when I loaded the heatmap on your site, and I noticed that the response to the ajaxV3GetRidePoints.php5 call for this ride has an empty “points” array. (Other rides have the a bunch of latitude/longitude points in there, so I’m guessing this is the problem.)

    The ride still shows up for me in Strava (though it’s private).

    You mentioned elsewhere that the data is stored on your servers for a few days, so I wonder if this is just a bad read from Strava somehow, and that it will clear itself up in a few days?

    • Joey – You’re right that it is probably just a random glitch where this ride got blanked out when it was first read from Strava. I have removed the record for that ride from my database, so you can try again and see if it works.

  112. In the “Keyword” box is it possible to exclude rides by keyword (as opposed to including by keyword). E.g. All my commutes are labelled as “Commute” and I don’t want to include them when looking at a map.

  113. Just been on a 3 week ride and your ride mapper detailed all the days except 1, I am using an android phone and cant see any differences between that day and all the others. Otherwise it is really useful as it puts all the days into context

  114. Combining multiple sträva accounts. We are Racing RAAM this year as a team. For teams it is conducted as a relay race. We would like to combine the segments from multiple accounts into a single map.

    Great tool, thanks for your consideration.

    • Pat – Right now, Strava only lets you see data from your own rides, so you can’t combine rides from multiple accounts, unfortunately. Good luck in your RAAM effort!

  115. Hello,
    I’m having some difficulty inputting multiple riders in the one heat map. The heat map is working for my own profile but every-time I enter a different rider number it says that there are no activities found. Could you help with this?

    By the way, this is a great tool.

    • Thanks Leo. Currently, Strava only lets you see your own rides through third-party tools like this one, so you can’t enter multiple riders, unfortunately. I will remove that option soon.

  116. Jonathan, thank you for making the multi-ride mapping tool! I have been wanting to ride very street in my city (Stockton, California) for a long time but I didn’t have an easy way to track it on one map. That was, until someone showed me your tool! I am 2 months and 1,000 miles into my riding project! There’s no way I could have started this without your site! Thank you!

    • Thanks for the kudos Matt, and back at you for the awesome Stockton project. I did that in my town a few years ago, but with much less ground to cover than you have. Good luck in finishing off the remaining streets!

  117. My name is Jonathan Harrach, I’m the race director for the Cougar Slayer underground mountain bike race, a free race in which riders push themselves to the limit.
    Currently the race is a timed course and we verify that everyone stays on course by requiring riders to submit their gps data to Strava, the course is also a segment.
    We are interested in creating an Enduro format which is to only record the times for certain downhill segments. Currently, racers will submit their Strava activity file and we can verify that they did the course cause Strava will provide us the segment time. For the enduro version, is there a simple way to develop code that takes a racer’s activity number for a specific date and spits out the the certain segment times that we chose? I don’t want their Personal Best times on the given segment but the time from that particular activity.
    I’ve posted some local adds to find a software developer (for free) to help write this code to an easy xcel table but have gotten responses that it can’t be done cause Strava only allows the times from your own segments to be pulled.
    Please advise if you have any free time.
    Thank you very much,

  118. Hi Jon,

    This is an awesome tool. I am using it to make a cool GIF showing my progress riding streets of San Diego.

    I am having one issue though… for some reason it won’t map one of my rides. It has historically mapped this one ride, but for some reason will not map it again. Any advice?

    - Josh

    • Thanks Josh. Sometimes Strava has a glitch that can cause it to return bad data for a ride. Since I store the data locally temporarily for a short period, this data can get saved and cause your ride to be missing. If you let me know your Strava ID, I can clear out your cached rides so you can reload, which will probably fix it.

  119. Hello Guys !

    What a great tool – thanks – I love it – showing the progress on an area I want to cover .

    Your tool is much better than the STRAVA built in version – much better map underlayed and more options available.

    Thanks for your effort to the community!


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  121. Love the app, been using for a while now just fine.

    Yesterday I noticed rides not appearing when they should.
    When I changed to quick draw, all was well, but back in slow draw even with a small subset of rides less than half showed.

    I revoked access to your app to try and refresh but now cannot grant access again. I even tried with VeloViewer. This allowed me to grant access but it too failed to get rides.

    Looks like more changes are afoot ?

  122. Hi, thanks again for a great tool. I have two feature requests:

    1. Strava now uses the activity type “Cross-country Skiing” instead of “Nordic Ski”. Could you add this activity type in the drop down menu?

    2. I now have over 1,000 activities on Strava. Could there be an option to get the last 1,000 activities, instead of the first?

  123. Hey Jonathan,

    I’m experiencing an issue similar to those above. The tool claims it is going to load x number of activities and then only loads a subset of x. In my data the thing I have found that may be causing the issue is my use of *. Is it possible that something changed and you are not escaping that character?


  124. How can I create a url to the map that already contains a keyword? The use case for me is that I can use the keyword “2015″ to only load my 2015 rides and I would like to visit my 2015 heatmap without adding the keyword manually each time.

  125. Thank you so much for developing and continuing to improve the multi-ride mapping tool, I use it regularly as it so much better than the one provided by Strava.

    One suggestion which I think I may know the answer to but thought I’d ask anyway, any chance of a “Really high detail” option? I know this may take longer to draw but I’m a patient man and think it would love to see rides with more detail.

    Much appreciation for your work so far…

  126. Hi Jonathan

    Your work is great, I really like it!!

    In Switzerland, the best maps are from «Swisstopo». They’re well known all over the world for their quality and beauty.

    Here’s an example (use the zoom!):

    Nowadays, you can implement them fully on your website.

    It would be absolutely perfect, if there is an way to combine Swisstopo and your Strava-Heatmap!
    Is there any possibility for that?

    This guy shows how to implement swisstopo on googlemaps:

    Would you allow this on your website?

    Best regards from Switzerland

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